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Outlander Scottish Brown Felt Silk Art Scarf - OOAK Cobweb Felt - FREE SHIPPING F11

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Inspired by the rowan trees in the winter snow from the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon, this is a beautiful and warm brown and cream cobweb felted scarf.

The rowan tree is one of the most sacred trees in Scottish folk tradition. Rowan trees planted near stone circles in Scotland were especially powerful. Scottish fairies were said to hold their celebrations within stone circles protected by Rowan trees. In Outlander, it is only fitting that, when Claire travels back to Scotland to reunite with Jamie, she awakes under rowan trees.

"I had no idea how much time had passed since I had entered the standing stones, or how long I had lain unconscious on the hillside below the circle. Quite a while, judging from the sogginess of my clothing; I was soaked through to the skin, and small chilly rivulets ran down my sides under my gown. One numbed cheek was beginning to tingle; putting a hand to it, I could feel a pattern of incised bumps. I looked down and saw a layer of fallen rowan berries, gleaming red and black among the grass. Very appropriate, I thought, vaguely amused. I had fallen down under a rowan - the Highland protection against witchcraft and enchantment."
~~~Claire from Voyager, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

Felting is the very first method mankind began making fabric, beginning centuries prior to the time period of Outlander. In fact, highly sophisticated felted artifacts were found preserved in permafrost in a tomb in Siberia and dated to 600 AD. The costumes on the Outlander series have included several felted garments. Cobweb felt is a decorative, lacy, lightweight fabric made with softness and drape. Art and function meld together in thin felt with natural holes, curls of wool, and almost transparent areas, all part of its beauty.

Using,various types of wool, bamboo, silk, and locks of long haired curly sheep, I very thinly layer the all of these to create for you a unique one of a kind cobweb felted wrap or shawl. Look closely at the photographs to see if you can spy all the different fibers and materials. I use the same type of materials in each shawl but each shawl is unique due to the nature of felting. Your awesome scarf or shawl will be very similar to the pictures but unique! The edges of this piece are very organic while the surface is uniquely textured with the numerous types of fiber I used and is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) treasure.

After hand felting this lovely piece, I feel it will be perfect to wrap about your shoulders, neck or head when the cool breeze wafts down from the Scottish hills or wherever ye may be. 

For yourself or the Outlander fan in your life!

    • Color: browns, cream white
    • Measurement
      • Height----11 inches (28 cm)
      • Width including fringe----62 inches (158 cm)
    • Materials ----Soft merino wool, soap and water, time and love
    • Shape----rectangle
    • Washing Instructions:
    • Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, roll in a towel to remove moisture, dry flat

Mòran taing (many thanks in Gaelic) for visiting my shop. If I can answer any questions or make a custom design for you, please contact me.

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