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Scottish Sunset Shawlette - Pink Coral - FREE SHIPPING SH73

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Scotland's scenery is breathtaking any time of day, from the craggy mountains to the peace-filled bays. But a Scottish sunset is especially special, aflame with pinks, corals and orange, blaze across the sky then fade into an silent inky darkness lit with billions of twinkling stars.

"But under everything was the deep silence of a Highland night. I sat very still reaching for it. It had been twenty years since I last felt it, but the soothing power of the dark was still there, cradled between the mountains."
~~~Claire from Dragonfly in Amber, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

This shawlette reminds me of the lovely Scottish sunsets I so dearly love. Easy to wear as a shawl, scarf, or even a cowl. Wrap it about your shoulders, wind it around your neck, it's generous length however you fancy.

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    • Color--------Pinks, rose, coral
    • Measurement
      • height---12 inches 
      • length ----64 inches 
    • Material ----Soft wool blend yarn
    • Shape---- Trapezoid
    • Washing directions: hand wash with mild soap, rinse, roll in a towel, then lie flat to dry.

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