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Scottish Highland Forest Feather Headband - FREE SHIPPING AC03

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Wear this stunning headband with pheasant feathers similar to the birds from the Scottish Highland forests. Inspired by the birds, trees and nature described in Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon, the crocheted cotton headband is stretchy and striking, don't you think?

“For the most part, I managed to put aside the knowledge that we lived in the wilderness. Now and then some tangible evidence would shove the fact under my nose; nocturnal visits by foxes, possums, and raccoons, or the occasional unnerving screams of panthers, with their uncanny resemblance to the crying of women or the shrieks of small children. It was quiet now, where we were. But there was no way of standing in the center of those mountain at night, submerged in the absolute black at their feet, listening to the secret murmurs of the the great trees overhead, and pretending that one was anywhere but in the grip of the forest primeval – or of doubting that the wilderness could swallow us in one gulp, if it cared to, leaving not a clue behind of our existence.”
~~~Claire from Fiery Cross, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

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    • Color--------Tan with black, brown and white feathers
    • Measurement
    • Height----3 inches (8 cm)
    • Width around un stretched----20 inches (51 cm) Fits most women
    • Materials ----Soft cotton yarn, feathers
    • Shape----circle

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