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"You must,' I murmured to myself, and then my knees buckled. Lying on the floor, with the carved panels of the ceiling flickering dimly above, I found myself thinking that I had always heretofore assumed that the tendency of eighteenth century ladies to swoon was due to tight stays; now I rather thought it might be due to the idiocy of eighteenth-century men."
---Claire in Dragonfly in Amber, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

If ye must swoon, be sure to do so with this stylish shawl about your shoulders. In the second season of Outlander, Claire wears gorgeous embroidered gowns, many in deep colors, as is this shawl which would have been lovely with many of her dresses. Crocheted in varying shades of purple, from deepest purple to light, the wrap is regal, gothic, and even mystical. It is almost a complete full circle, with nine points that drape dramatically but will not easily slip off your shoulders. The openness of the lacy pattern makes it perfect for warm weather months of the year. But as the colder winds blow down from the Highlands, drape it around neck for some needed warmth.

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    • Color--------Varying shades of purple
    • Measurement
      • Depth ----22 inches 
    • Material ----Merino lacy yarn
    • Shape---- Three fourths of a circle with nine points
    • Washing Instructions:
    • Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, roll in a towel to remove moisture, dry flat

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