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Coral Pink Crochet Scarf - FREE SHIPPING

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Lovely long hand crocheted textured scarf in a stunning coral pink color.

"Mmmphm. Aye, we're married, right enough. But it's no legally binding, ye know, until it's been consummated." A slow fierce blush burned its way up from the lacy jabot."
~~~Jamie Fraser from Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

Hopefully Jamie was not blushing as deeply as this gorgeous and unique coral scarf! I crocheted this long crescent shaped scarf with a variety of stitches, giving it a a beautiful and unique texture. The beautiful yarn is fine hand-dyed merino with subtle color variations.

I love how it can be worn so many different ways: I've tried to give you ideas in the photos - be sure to click through all of them. A favorite brooch of yours would also look lovely on it, wouldn't it?

Free shipping within the United States.  

    • Color--------Coral pink
    • Measurement
      • height----5 inches
      • length ----56 inches
    • Material ----Soft hand-dyed merino wool yarn
    • Shape---- Long crescent
    • Washing directions: hand wash with mild soap, rinse, roll in a towel, then lie flat to dry.
    • Please be aware colors may look different depending on the type of computer screen you are using.

Mòran taing (many thanks in Gaelic) for visiting my shop. If I can answer any questions or make a custom design for you, please contact me.

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