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Outlander Fraser Tartan & Scottish Heather Copper Locket - Jewelry Claire - FREE SHIPPING OJ03

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Own a piece of authentic licensed Outlander Fraser tartan! Enclosed in a handmade copper locket is a swatch of the same fabric worn by Jamie and Claire in the Outlander television series. As an special touch, I've also added a sprig of dried heather.

Heather has grown profusely for in the Scottish Highlands for centuries, sometimes in places where few other plants can survive, with approximately 2 to 3 million acres of heather moors in eastern Scotland and only slightly fewer in the southern and western regions.

"I felt a slight ruffling of my hair, and one lock brushed against my cheek, light as a lover’s touch. But surely it was no more than the rush of air from the vent overhead, and my imagination that the stale smells of perfume and cigarettes were suddenly underlaid by the scents of wool and heather."
~~~Claire from Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon

The locket is clear glass on both sides, showing the beauty of the fabric as well as giving you two ways of wearing the necklace. I've sealed the locket shut to prevent damage to the fabric and heather.

The tartan was created specifically for OUTLANDER: The Series. The tartan fabrics for the production were woven in Scotland from 100% premium wool. The colors chosen are weathered and earth-tone colors common to the era depicted in OUTLANDER: The Series. The fabric for the production was specifically woven in a looser, more rustic weave, just like you would expect from the looms of the 18th century. In short, every effort was made to ensure authenticity to the time period.

The rectangular locket is handmade of copper and clear glass. It measures 2" x 1" and comes with a matching 18" chain. 

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    • • Please note that this pendant is not waterproof, so please do not get it wet.
    • • Because each item is handmade and unique, there may be slight differences from the picture viewed.
    • • Also, please be aware colors may look different depending on the type of computer screen you are using.

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