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Spring Pink Alpaca Lacy Capelet or Shawlette - FREE SHIPPING SH68

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 Claire Fraser wore many capelets and neck warmers in the 18th century, why not wear one yourself, especially one as soft as this one!

I designed this pale pink capelet or shoulder wrapper to be worn many ways. Wear as a cape, either buttoned at the top or unfastened. Turn the collar up or down, button it closed or not. Even wear as a cowl or scarf with a coat. This pattern is an original design with a Scottish thistle lace pattern, bobbles and picots. Finished with pearl buttons.

The color is a very pale pink with a touch of peach color, soft and delicate as the wisps of rosy morning rays sneaking out behind the clouds. The yarn is an extremely soft alpaca blend yarn that has a slight halo, much like mohair. Alpaca yarn has been compared with cashmere for both warmth as well as softness.

"If you've had much to do wi' Highland Scots," Jamie said dryly, handing across a copy of the order, "then ye'll know that it's a rare to find two of them in agreement on anything much beyond the color of the sky-and even that is open to question from time to time."
~~~Jamie Fraser from Dragonfly in Amber. Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

Made to order. Free shipping within the United States.  

  • Color-------soft petal pink
  • Measurement
    • Height---9.5 inches (26 cm)
    • Width including cuffs----58 inches (147 cm)
  • Materials ----soft alpaca blend yarn, pearl buttons
  • Shape----Crescent
  • Washing Instructions:
  • Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, roll in a towel to remove moisture, dry flat

Mòran taing (many thanks in Gaelic) for visiting my shop. If I can answer any questions or make a custom design for you, please contact me.

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