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Soft Pink Rose Lace Cowl and Scarf - FREE SHIPPING C4

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As soft and as lovely as a wee late-blooming pink rose, this cowl is beautiful, warm and lacy.

“His mother, Ellen, had planted the late-blooming rosebush by the door. Its faint, rich scent still wafted up the walls of the house to the bedroom window. It was as though she reached in herself, to touch him lightly in passing. To touch me, too, in welcome."
---Claire in Dragonfly in Amber, Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon

This lace cowl can be worn long as a scarf or looped as a cowl. It goes everywhere with a coat, sweater, dress or shirt, from casual to elegant. I'll be wearing a cowl like this one with jeans and boots as the weather cools.


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    • Color--------Soft pale pink
    • Measurement
      • height----5 inches
      • length ----44 inches
    • Material ----Soft non-wool washable acrylic yarn
    • Shape---- Circle
    • Washing directions: hand wash with mild soap, rinse, roll in a towel, then lie flat to dry.

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