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Outlander Warm Chunky Bobble Hat - FREE SHIPPING HT07

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"The leaves of the trees all round us were fluttering like tethered butterflies, as the edge of the storm rose toward us up the slope of the mountain." “Damn ye, woman! Will ye never do as you’re told?” “Probably not,” I said meekly. He turned a black scowl on me, but I could see the corner of his mouth twitching under the copper stubble."
~~~Jamie & Claire Fraser in Voyager, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

If you happen to notice a storm rising towards you, grab this stylish crocheted hat to keep ye warm as the Highland winds blow down from the north. This beanie was made using a variegated yarn the color of autumn leaves (as well as Jamie Fraser's hair!) and coordinating it with a yarn the color of his eyes with the decorative rows of bobbles.

Free shipping within the United States.

    • Color--------Greens, browns, blues
    • Measurement - One size fits most 
    • Material: Non wool washable yarn
    • Unisex hat
    • Washing directions: hand wash with mild soap, rinse, roll in a towel, then lie flat to dry.

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