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Winter Lace Shawl -Beaded Muted Pink, Taupe, Cream Wrap - FREE SHIPPING SH11

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Wrap the woman in your life (or yourself!) in this warm soft lace shawl. Made in soft muted rose, cream, taupe and beige colors, this large shoulder wrap has a beautiful border with wee little glass beads.

This OOAK (one of a kind) shawl is reminiscent of the lovely shawls Claire and Jenny wore on the Outlander series.

"How shall I tell ye what it is, to feel the need of a place?” he said softly. “The need of snow beneath my shoon. The breath of the mountains, breathing their own breath in my nostrils as God gave breath to Adam. The scrape of rock under my hand, climbing, and the sight of the lichens on it, enduring in the sun and the wind.” His breath was gone and he breathed again, taking mine. His hands were linked behind my head, holding me, face-to-face. “If I am to live as a man, I must have a mountain,” he said simply. His eyes were open wide, searching mine for understanding.
---Jamie in Drums of Autumn, Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon

The shawl can be worn bandanna style (like the first photo), under a coat, tied in front, belted, or pinned at the shoulder. This reversible shawl wrap goes everywhere from forest to town, with a coat, sweater, dress or shirt, from casual to elegant.

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Color--------soft muted rose pink, brown, beige and cream
height from the center point----34.5 inches
width across the top ----68 inches
Material ----Soft easy care wool/acrylic yarn
Shape---- triangle
Washing Instructions:  Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, roll in a towel to remove moisture, dry flat

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