About Us

Whispers in the Glen - About Us collagePersonally creating items I love,
inspired by the Scottish Highlands and Outlander books...

I first read the book, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, several years ago and fell in love with Jamie and Claire as well as Scotland. I've read, reread and listened to all of the books in the series and now am enthralled with the Outlander television series. Drawing on inspiration from the Scottish Highlands, I design and create wearable fiber art that evokes a sense of 18th century adventures, misty hills, craggy mountains, and whispers in the glen.

Within nature, I feel peace, wonder, and excitement.  I've traveled extensively, from the snowy Austrian Alps to the deserts of Nevada, from the warm crystal clear Caribbean waters to never ending olive groves of Spain, I am overwhelmed with the beauty everywhere.

I love yarn and fiber (and have a secret dream to own some sheep and a llama!)  I love to create. A skein of beautiful soft yarn gets me excited about the possibilities it could become. Will it be a shawl of whisper thin lace about someone's shoulders or a fun woven Boho tunic full of color? 

When others see an overgrown field consumed by weeds, I spy the gorgeous wee blossoms. A field of wildflowers, a garden of posies, and some imagination and I have a sweet necklace or bracelet.